A Step-By-Step Example

Step 1 — Create the Password Manager

step-1.jpg Go to the home page and either:
  1. Click “Create Password”
  2. Enter a name for your project in the text box (and click “Create a Password”)

Step 2 — Enter “Correct Password” Instructions

step-2.jpg Now you have the chance to customise how to respond to a correct password entry:
  1. You can opt to have a “success message” displayed
  2. You can opt to automatically redirect the user to a webpage
  3. You can do either or both of the above

Don't forget to click “Save”!!!

Step 3 — Setup a Password

step-3.jpg After saving your password instructions, the Password Verification Server (PVS) will recognise that you haven't yet chosen a password for your project. Simply click on the link to get started.

First you need to choose a password. Click on the password text box, and type in a password for your project.

Then click on the “click here” link to confirm the password.


Step 4 — Confirm Password

step-4.jpg As passwords are stored on the server in an encrypted form, you need to manually “confirm” the chosen password.

To do this, simply copy “Encrypted Version” of your password, and paste it in the “tags” text box. Don't forget to click “Save Tags”.

Step 5 — Embed the Password Verifier

step-5.jpg Now you have fully set up a password for your project. All you have to do now is copy and paste the embedding code.

In Action!

Here is the PVS in action… the correct password will take you to a funny YouTube video:

Password hint: james

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